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Paul Tirion: chairman
Ed van Seters: treasurer
Jurriaan de Mol: member of the board
Launch Market Garden Arnhem App

Foundation Airborne Feelings, september 1944

The foundation was formally established in June 2012, but precedes going on, there was a working group with Edese ‘Airborne Feelings’ started in 2007. This initiative went back to a working group and a foundation in 2007 that promotes the region’s four Airborne municipalities the Battle of Arnhem.
The main activity is to enjoy the many activities / events that are linked to the Battle of Arnhem / Market Garden to join and publish so that locals and tourists present in the region are well informed about this. Through a co-branding with the foundation Liberation Route Europe there is a national and international additional gateway arise until the Battle of Arnhem in consultation.
The board currently exists in three persons (see pictures). The vacancies are on the filled awaiting possible forms of cooperation that are still in development.

What does SAF provide in this airborne region?

With the support of vfonds (at the start), the regional contract Liberation Tourism and sponsors, such as the Airborne four municipalities have already developed several products, namely:

  • A website that reflects the history of the Battle of Arnhem, as museums, memorials and / or historic sites, as well as a calendar of all activities including the Commemorations: www.airbornefeelings.nl The website is in the (Airborne) season very well attended and we are available for questions and making connections between the parties.
  • The annual Airborne Special with stories about the Battle of Arnhem related topics, including war testimonies, history, detailed information about Commemorations and activities are centered in the full agenda of the Airborne activities. All this to keep alive our heritage. The target groups where the newspapers are scattered tourists in hotels, residences, museums, tourist offices, etc. (circulation 15,000 units per year) and also the residents in the four municipalities by Airborne house to house distribution (circulation approximately 165,000 per year).
  • Information Card Battle of Arnhem with information on museums and information centers, the listening spots of the Liberation Route, biking across the battlefield, landmarks, etc. so that a comprehensive information arises about the Battle of Arnhem in four Airborne municipalities. (Edition 2 years 35,000 distributed for free at tourist offices, hotels, residences, museums, etc.)
  • In September 2015, we launched the “Market Garden (region) Arnhem ‘app and despite limited promotion in that short time had about 1,500 followers. The app provides information on news about Airborne, listen spots of the LRE, points of interest, videos, push messages and of course a calendar overview of activities