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Liberation Route Europe

Liberation Route Europe is an ever expanding international commemoration route connecting major milestones of modern European history together. The route forms a link between the major regions during the advance of the Western Allies from southern England to the beaches of Normandy, the Ardennes, Brabant, Arnhem, Nijmegen, Hürtgenwald and Berlin. The route continues to the Polish city of Gdansk, where almost two generations later, a democratic revolution got underway to eliminate the separation of Europe.

Thanks Liberation Route Europe can be the route to discover and experience the Allies now in the final stages of World War II aflegden itself. The route focuses on the liberation of the continent from the Nazi occupiers and in particular the long-term consequences of the Second World War.

Liberation Route Europe is about borders that have divided for far too long our continent. Besides focusing on the memories of the different countries in the war a call is made to an international response to the complex legacy of the Second World War to examine from various historical perspectives. a link is established between the past and life in today’s Europe and other parts of the world, with emphasis on the role of international reconciliation and a call for reflection on the value of our hard fought freedoms.

Our goal is the Liberation Route in collaboration with our international partners to combine with innovative, sustainable tourism products and packages to this important episode in European history more visible and more accessible to visitors from all over the world.

Liberation Route Europe
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